Business Law Diploma

Business Law Diploma
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Business law encompasses all forms of law that govern how to form and manage a business. These laws establish rules that all individuals or groups need to follow when starting, buying, managing, closing or selling any type of business and these rules can be applied by national, continental or international courts.

This course will introduce you to a career in business, teaching you some of the legal rules and issues which you will encounter.


  • The English Legal System
    • The Nature of Law
    • Sources of Law
    • The Courts and Tribunals
    • Legal Personnel and Legal Aid
  • Legal Relationships
    • Liability for Employees and Agents
    • Sole Traders and Partnerships
    • Forming a Company
    • Managing the Company
  • Business Contracts
    • Making a Contract
    • What Can Go Wrong During the Making of a Contract
    • Contractual Terms
    • Discharging a Contract
  • Non-Contractual Obligations of the Seller/Producer
    • The Duty of Care Negligence
    • Other Aspects of Negligence and Product Liability
    • Other Aspects of Tort
    • Liability in Respect of Employees
  • European Community Law
    • The Development of the European Community
    • The Functions of the Institutions
    • The Sources of European Community Law
    • The Integration of European Community Law at a National Level
    • Enforcement of European Community Law at a European Level


  • Increase your knowledge of law that is applied in the business world.
  • Apply legal rules to factual situations with a European perspective.
  • Implement the knowledge you learn into a potential career working in business law.
  • Experienced and qualified tutors available to support you throughout your course.
  • The English Legal System
  • Legal Relationships
  • Business Contracts
  • Non-Contractual Obligations of the Seller/Producer
  • European Community Law
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