Conversational Leadership

Conversational Leadership
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Conversational leadership is a fine art involving the identifying and engaging of exchanges that facilitate meaningful change between two parties. It helps a senior figure tap into intelligence, wisdom, and innovation that resides within their workforce; by providing an infrastructure for knowledge sharing and ideas which are crucial to generating solutions.

This process helps to create a team of leaders who can drive business success, which is vital in today’s modern workplace.

World Cafe

A World Café, or Knowledge Café as it may otherwise be known, is a structured conversational process for knowledge sharing. Groups will discuss a topic at different stations, with individuals switching stations and getting introduced to their new table by a host. World Cafés are a popular way of encouraging conversational leadership as it allows participants to have a controlled discussion relating to relevant topics, and in this course, you will learn how to organise your own World Café as an example of conversational leadership.

The biggest recorded World Café was hosted in Israel in 2011 where several cities hosted an event called 1,000 Tables. It was part of a series of social justice protests that were held, with around a thousand people participating and sharing their ideas.


  • Understand the wisdom inherent in encouraging conversational leadership
  • Describe the four I’s of conversational leadership: intimacy, interactivity, inclusion, intentionality
  • Apply the principles of conversational leadership to improve results
  • Organise a simple World Café as an example of conversational leadership


  • Organise your own World Café and put your knowledge of conversational leadership in to practice.
  • Take your skills with you in any senior role.
  • Extracurricular resources given so you can build further on your newfound knowledge.
  • Transferable skills through any organisation.
  • Use your skillset in a work context or when taking part in social debates and discussions.
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