Creating Winning Proposals

Creating Winning Proposals
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Proposals are persuasive documents that help organisations to denote funding and output, so essentially, a proposal will make or break your idea or project. Building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders and shareholders is a crucial factor in creating a successful proposal and this course will help you to build trust through honesty to all parties involved.

The next secret behind a good proposal is creating projects that are a good fit for your organisation, who are ready to cooperate and do the work the project contains, and this course will teach you to make proposals that fulfil the mission and values of your organisations, as well as those of the funding agencies.

Building a great template is important, and that’s why there is a module on what you should be including in a proposal, even down to details like font types, sizes and spacing!


  • Locate potential funders for your organisations on the Internet and use evaluative skills to identify the appropriateness of funding related to their own organisation
  • Explain the necessity of matching funders interests with organisational needs and use this knowledge in decisions about the validity of submitting a funding proposal
  • Describe and understand the basic elements of proposal writing for not-for-profit organisations
  • Describe and understand the basic process of successful proposal writing
  • Analyse effective relationship-building strategies to engage with funders and use this knowledge in writing a funding proposal
  • Describe at least five reasons why funding proposals can be rejected
  • Plan, write and submit a proposal in response to funders guidelines


  • Create proposals for any type of project, for any organisation of any size.
  • Build and maintain honest, trustworthy relationships with shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Implement your knowledge as soon as you finish the course.
  • Extracurricular resources for further knowledge.
  • Define and choose different sources and types of funding.
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