Developing a Safety Procedures Manual

Developing a Safety Procedures Manual
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Safety procedures are a requirement in how organisations manage their health and safety and a safety procedures manual provides a logical format for this information to be accessed and shared by employees both current and prospective.

According to the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011, a procedure is a form of administrative control that means a method of work or a process is designed to minimise risk, so developing a safety procedures manual will have benefits for the employees working at your company, and the company themselves as they will be following legal guidelines in terms of health and safety. This course will give you a foundation to start writing effective safety procedures with immediate effect.

We recommend that you review samples of your company’s procedures (safety, quality and environmental) before you start the course. If there isn’t one available, you will be able to research a company that does as many present this documentation on their website.


  • How to develop a Safety Procedure Template
  • Developing a flowchart to accurately depict process activities
  • Use brainstorming to gather necessary information for safety procedure creation
  • Understand a variety of procedure types (Step-by-Step, Playscript, Decision Tree, Decision Tables)
  • Write and revise Step-by-Step safety procedures
  • Add communication elements to safety procedures


  • Lay out your organisation’s safety procedures in a clear and concise format.
  • Create procedures that will ensure the safety of your company’s employees.
  • Follow legal guidelines that will stop your company from being held liable for any potential accidents through a clear demonstration of safety procedures and precautions.
  • Implement the knowledge as soon as you’ve finished the course.
  • Extracurricular reading for building on your learning.
  • Creating a safer workplace will boost productivity.
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