Developing a Training Needs Analysis

Developing a Training Needs Analysis
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A Training Needs Analysis, otherwise known as a Training Analysis, is the process of a company identifying the existing gap in employee skills, training and related training needs, which is then followed up by their ability to deliver solutions and programmes that meet the needs of the employee, which will have a positive impact on the business.

Training Needs are a two-way street: the employee needs the training to upskill and potentially take on more responsibility, while the organisation needs their employee to have this skillset available. Once the correct training is identified and the organisation and employee act upon it, everyone can benefit from delivering training in the right areas.

This course will help you to gather the information, assess the data, and build a logical training needs analysis, to present your suggestions for training or non-training solutions. The right training at the right time can make a huge difference.


  • Understand the value of creating a training needs analysis
  • Apply the ICE method to assess the situation and build a training needs analysis
  • Create a simple yet thorough training needs analysis for their organisation or client


  • Build a suitable training needs analysis to improve your organisation and the employees within it.
  • Implement your knowledge as soon as you have finished the course.
  • Extracurricular reading and resources available to help develop your understanding further.
  • Collect and assess data for sensible training solution suggestions.
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