Diversity Training – Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity Training – Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace
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Diversity is truly something to be celebrated in the modern workplace, because the days were someone could be discriminated against for their gender, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation or disability are gone. The workplace should be a diverse collection of individuals, proud of who they are and where they have come from.

There are serious implications for anyone involved who don’t embrace diversity. This ranges from colleagues, workplace leaders and the organisations themselves. Colleagues will lose jobs; workplace leaders will be demoted or fired and the organisations can incur serious legal costs should they not have equal opportunities for everybody.

This course will teach you how to help diverse individuals work as a team, giving you ways to celebrate diversity in the workplace while bringing individuals together.


  • Describe what diversity and its related terms mean
  • Explain how changes in the world have affected you and your view
  • Identify your stereotypes
  • Use terms that are politically correct and avoid those which are not
  • Apply the four cornerstones of diversity
  • Avoid the pitfalls related to diversity
  • Use a technique for dealing with inappropriate behaviour
  • Develop a management style to encourage diversity
  • Take action if you or one of your employees feels discriminated against


  • Create and celebrate a diverse work environment that anyone can feel comfortable and happy in
  • Implement your knowledge and skills as soon as you finish the course.
  • Recommended reading available to help build on the foundations you’ve created.
  • Identify and break down stereotypes, and explore how changes in the world have affected you and your views on certain people.

Diversity Training - Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

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