E-Commerce Management

E-Commerce Management
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E-Commerce is the process of a transaction, whether it be buying or selling, in an online format. In 2017, the UK was the second largest e-Commerce market in Europe, with approximately 87% of UK consumers buying at least one product online.

The online market has become extremely profitable for organisations, and with the emergence of m-Commerce (mobile commerce) it is thought that by 2040, 95% of purchases will be facilitated by e-Commerce. The systems behind e-Commerce make it a very attractive proposition to businesses of all sizes, as the process of putting through the transaction is much cheaper than the traditional brick and mortar setting of high street merchants.

This course will help you to grasp a full understand of e-Commerce, m-Commerce (which is growing faster than any other sector) and location-based e-Commerce.


  • Describe what the terms e-Commerce and m-Commerce mean.
  • Develop an e-Commerce business plan
  • Evaluate e-Commerce software options
  • Build an online shop with product pages, supporting features, a shopping cart, and an easy, effective checkout process
  • Test, launch, and update your e-Commerce site
  • Design engaging, responsive web content
  • Understand e-Commerce payment options and choose appropriate options for your site
  • Use appropriate tools to track key e-Commerce metrics
  • Identify and optimise supporting e-Commerce activities, such as customer service, sales, and inventory management
  • Create a marketing plan with all the essential elements
  • Market your online shop using social media and other appropriate channels
  • Use discounts and promotions to market your e-Commerce business
  • Understand what security and privacy issues face e-Commerce businesses
  • How to handle customers’ information
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Identify the rules and regulations that will govern your e-Commerce business


  • Cut costs through an e-Commerce business.
  • Understand the technology behind one of the world’s fastest growing and most popular ways of making transactions.
  • Implement the knowledge you learn as soon as you’ve finished the course.
  • Recommended reading to help you further understand this game changing technology.
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