Getting Stuff Done – Personal Development Boot Camp

Getting Stuff Done – Personal Development Boot Camp
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Motivation to do things is a problem that many of us face. Whether it be to do the housework, your coursework or any other productive task, procrastination is a massive issue. But procrastination can be overcome. Just like with any other personal challenge, although there is no simple answer, you must build a solution that works for you.

This course will explore various time management and organisational tools and techniques, so you can build a customised productivity plan for your personal and professional life. By the end of the program, you will have a specialised plan that works for you.


  • Identify what personal efficiency is, what skillsets can improve your personal productivity, and what attitudes we should cultivate
  • Explain why multi-tasking is a myth
  • Describe what role long-term goals play in short-term efficiency
  • Share a personal vision and develop dreams and goals from it
  • Apply the 80/20 rule and learn how it should affect planning
  • Identify the characteristics of a good organisational system
  • Develop a plan for an efficient workplace, including a customised information centre and a filing system
  • Apply a system that will allow you to process any type of information that crosses your desk, including email, electronic files and documents, paper files, voicemail, texts, and visitors
  • Use the Eisenhower principles to prioritise work
  • Say no
  • Use routines to simplify your life
  • Understand why you procrastinate and develop methods for tackling tasks
  • Apply ideas and tools to make your household more productive and efficient


  • Build a personal, customised plan to help boost productivity.
  • Become more productive both at home and in the workplace.
  • Implement your plan as soon as you finish the course
  • Build on your knowledge of the course with recommended extracurricular reading resources
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