Getting Your Job Search Started

Getting Your Job Search Started
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Looking for work or a new job can be exciting, but on the flipside, it can also involve fear and discomfort regarding change, the unknown, and rejection. If you’re looking for a job now, it is very different to how it was years ago. You can look for jobs online, on your phone or other mobile device, post your CV for recruiters to find you and get in contact, or go onto company websites and look in their jobs or careers section.

In the past ten years, there have been jobs made to cater for the advancements in technology, for example, 10-15 years back there was no such thing as social media, meaning there would be no need for a social media manager.

Knowing where to go, who to talk, and where the opportunities are available is simple, all you need to do is look in the right places. This course will help you to determine what your skills are, the kind of work that is important, the kind of work you want to do, how to include it in your search, and how to get started. Once you have completed the course you will shift from someone who wants their dream job, to someone who has the job of their dreams.


  • Describe your skills, values, and beliefs about work and looking for opportunities
  • Demonstrate an understanding for the types of work available and where to go for more information
  • Recognise the differences and benefits available through career coaches, counsellors, and mentors
  • Apply different approaches to job search, such as networking and tapping into the hidden job market


  • Accurately profile yourself and look for opportunities that are more suited to your personality.
  • More efficient job searches to leave you feeling more fulfilled.
  • Implement the knowledge you gain as soon as you finish the course.
  • Recommended reading list to help build on the things you learn.
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