Marketing with Social Media

Marketing with Social Media
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The impact of social media in today’s society has been exponential since the birth of niche social media and networking sites in the late 1990’s. It took until 2002 for sites like LinkedIn and MySpace to bring it to mass audiences, so it has only been a mainstream phenomenon less than two decades, but its outreach and usage has skyrocketed.

Over two billion people use Facebook, that’s 22% of the world’s total population on one social networking site where information is accessible on-demand, instantly. These are all people who are potential customers for you should you utilise the power of social media, not just on Facebook, but on other mediums including Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to name a few.

This course is designed for people who have some familiarity with social media already. You will develop a social media marketing plan as part of an overall marketing strategy, determine who should be in your team, and chose how to measure your campaigns. You will explore some of the major social media sites and look at how specialty sites and social media management tools can take your marketing to the next level.


  • Describe the value of social media to your marketing plan
  • Create and launch a social media marketing plan
  • Select the right resources for a social media marketing team
  • Define how to use social media to build an internal community
  • Use metrics to measure the impact of a social media plan
  • How to manage difficult social media situations
  • Describe features of some of the key social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Decide whether a blog adds value to a social media plan
  • Speak about specialty sites and social media management tools
  • How to stay on top of social media trends and adjust your plan as the digital world evolves


  • Utilise the power of social media to boost your marketing campaigns and ROI.
  • Implement your knowledge as soon as you finish the course.
  • Understand the difference between different social media sites and which ones would be best suited to your business.
  • Create and launch your own social media plan.
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