Negotiating for Results

Negotiating for Results
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Effective negotiation is an art, and when done right, it can resolve differences, tie up lucrative deals, and those who can master the process of negotiation can save time and money, while developing a higher degree of satisfaction with personal and professional outcomes.

Negotiating means that a certain level of disagreement has taken place. It doesn’t matter what degree or severity this situation is at; the key is finding a middle ground where all parties involved can be happy with the outcome.

This course includes techniques to promote effective communication and gives you techniques for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving. The results will help you build a foundation of comfort to negotiate in any situation, whether you are working in a project, fulfilling support duties, negotiating a sale or resolving personal disputes.


  • How often we all negotiate and the benefits of good negotiation skills
  • The importance of preparing for the negotiation process, regardless of the circumstances
  • The various negotiation styles and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Strategies for dealing with tough or unfair tactics
  • Skills in developing alternatives and recognising options
  • Basic negotiation principles, including BATNA, WATNA, WAP and the ZOPA


  • Understand basic, but effective, negotiation principles and how they are best utilised
  • Perfect your negotiation style
  • Input the negotiation skills into your professional or personal life
  • If you’re in sales, these skills will help you to make more money, which will boost your commission and paycheque
  • Recommended reading list to help you build on the knowledge you’ve gained
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