Networking for Success

Networking for Success
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Networking in business is effective at helping people to connect, develop meaningful relationships with clients and other businesses. It helps to build goal focused connections where achievements are not just accomplished through sales, but through generating positive and productive relationships where you are interested in helping others, in listening, and introducing your contacts to the right people.

This course will help you to learn the essential ingredients for business networking, including in-person, people-centred connections and online spaces and networking sites including LinkedIn.

Networking isn’t easy, but we will help you to establish and develop positive and productive networking groups and connections, and how to handle different types of people.


  • Introduce yourself in a meaningful, memorable way, even if you have never worked on an elevator pitch before
  • Be goal focused about networking so that you can make the most of events that you attend
  • Apply the concept of give first and be helpful as part of a system of reciprocity
  • Use strategy and systems in order to network effectively
  • Leverage the availability and usefulness of the Internet, including LinkedIn and Twitter


  • Learn how to develop meaningful relationship which will ultimately help your business to grow
  • Implement the knowledge as soon as you have finished
  • Boost your business through the tools, strategies and systems that you are taught
  • Learn how to use the Internet in a way that’s useful for your networking
  • Recommended reading list for building on the foundations that you have set
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