Planning for Workplace Safety

Planning for Workplace Safety
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Occupational safety and health is a multi-disciplinary area concerned with protect an organisation’s employees. Across Great Britain in 2017, over 1.3 million working people suffered from a work-related illness, with 137 workers being killed in their place of work. There have been 31.2 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury which has cost companies an estimated £14.9 billion.

Workplace safety is of paramount importance to both employees and employers and this course will give you the foundations needed to develop your Organisational Safety Plan and take the next step in building the safety culture in your workplace.


  • Explain what a safety plan will include
  • Understand and write an Organisational Safety Policy
  • Know the importance of the Introduction to the Safety Policy
  • Develop a basic Communications Plan for a specific accident/incident occurrence
  • Deciding training solutions to common accidents/incidents
  • Understand and explain the importance and structure of Incident Response Plans and Critical Incident Response Plans
  • Understand Safety Inspections and Safety Audits as methods to identify unsafe conditions and apply corrective action
  • Use a 6S Inspection Checklist to conduct a 6S Inspection
  • Brainstorm policies and procedures that you might find in the Appendix of a Safety Plan
  • Help your organisation write, implement, and review a safety plan


  • Create a safer workplace for you and your colleagues through the implementation of policies, procedures and practice to prevent accidents
  • Comply with legal guidelines and regulations to save your organisation legal costs
  • Help to develop training methods for employees to keep them safe during workplace incidents
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