Prospecting for Leads Like A Pro

Prospecting for Leads Like A Pro
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Keeping a full pipeline of leads ensures that you will keep your sales and income ticking over, meaning you will be reaping the rewards of the work that you put in days, weeks or even months before.

Prospecting has become a key factor in the success of many salespeople and it will help you to attract new business from leads and accounts who are already in your client base that have gone stagnant, or cold.

This course will help you to build a personal prospecting plan, help you to ensure your future and income by planting seed daily by targeting leads, learning how to target them, and committing to prospecting daily through warming up cold leads, following up, and networking


  • Understand the importance of expanding your client base through effective prospecting
  • Learn how to use a prospecting system to be more successful
  • Be able to identify target markets and target companies with the 80/20 rule in mind
  • Know how to develop and practice networking skills at every opportunity
  • Know how to develop, refine, and execute the art of cold calling


  • Build your pipeline with effective prospecting techniques
  • Improve your commission through regaining cold leads and lost accounts
  • Implement the effective 80/20 rule into your sales and pitches
  • Recommended reading list to develop on the foundations you build
  • Put your newfound skillset to practice as soon as you finish the course
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