Business Start-up Fundamentals (EC112385)

Business Start-up Fundamentals
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Get the ball rolling with your prospective business venture, and sign up for this business diploma that will help your business succeed. The dream of running your own business can become a reality with the know-how that can be gained from studying these in-depth modules, and with the expertise and business acumen that you can develop, there’s every chance of your venture being a fruitful one.

Learn how to make the most of Google Plus and YouTube for marketing and sales. This course takes an in depth look at this powerful social media platform and the best way to use it to promote your business or company.This course is perfect for anyone who wishes to work within the fields of PR, sales, marketing or communications, or would like to advance the knowledge they already have.

Boost your career potential and dip into the world of accounting and book keeping with this essential skills course that will introduce you to the fundamental concepts.You will cover three fundamental topic areas as part of the course – the separate entity account, the accounting equation and the dual effect of double entry transactions (debits and credits).

Key learning points

The modules cover many topics including:

  • Learn how to identify your target audience, and understand the importance of having a USP. Understand how to use branding to increase your business realisation.
  • Touch upon financing, and the various options available. Take a look at the areas of cash flow, accounting, tax and bookkeeping, and learn how to budget accordingly.
  • Gain insight into how to recruit and manage staff, from ensuring they stay motivated to the importance of training and development.
  • Recognise some of the legal issues that you may face as a business, and how these issues can be dealt with effectively, including the need for the relevant insurance packages.
  • Understand the importance of technology, including what you should have as a business and how it works. Take a look at why you need a website and how a customer-focussed one can be created on a budget.
  • Learn about business ethics and their importance.
  • Google Plus Introduction and Overview. Learn what Google Plus does and how it can be used effectively for sales and marketing purposes. Google Plus can be used to successfully engage with your customers or followers, to share content and news about your business and drive traffic to your website and how to maximise authorship in search results.
  • Setting up a Google Plus page. Get to grips with the Google Plus interface and how you can use it to build a successful and engaging page. Learn what information you need to provide, what photos will work best for your brand, what links to share, who to follow and much more.
  • Linking to other social networks. Learn how to link your Google Plus page to your other social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, and how this can boost engagement and benefit your business.
  • Linking to your website. Find out how to link Google Plus to your website and how to drive traffic to your site through successful use of your Google Plus page.
  • Notification Settings for Google Plus. These settings tell you about things like events, messages and photos and other things that may interest you or be relevant to your business, for example when someone comments on your post or +1s your photo. Learn about the different settings and how you can receive notifications through SMS, email and push notifications.
  • Photo Settings in Google Plus. Learn how to control who is able to see your photos and how to configure privacy settings so that the photos and information you choose to share is safe.
  • Introduce yourself to the trial balance, the statement of profit and loss (the profit and loss account) and the statement of financial position (a balance sheet).
  • Understand the separate entity concept and the accounting equation and how to apply them in practical terms.
  • Learn the essentials of record keeping, so that balance sheets and profit/loss accounts can be interpreted effectively.
  • Receive transcripts for each basic bookkeeping session and use them alongside the activities, question and answer sessions and games to learn the fundamental areas, with ease.

advantages of this course

Learners can expect to benefit from:

  • The knowledge, experience and confidence to become their own boss.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the most powerful and important social media platforms
  • Add another string to your bow as a business administration professional and make yourself an indispensable member of any team.
  • Have the confidence to apply for entry level bookkeeping and accountancy roles – or continue on with your studies having gained a great basic understanding of the subject areas.
  • Save money as a business owner by learning how to do your own books.
  • Interactive presentations with voice-overs, transcripts, practice activities and answers are part of the vast study materials that are available, aiding your learning experience.
  • Our interactive online IT training courses can help you to navigate the courseware so that you feel comfortable and confident using it.
  • Learn at your own pace and fully understand each module before moving on

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