Professional Therapeutic Counselling

Professional Therapeutic Counselling
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Therapy is a deep, intimate and personal process that can open a lot of old wounds within a person’s mind. It is an attempt to remedy or suppress a mental health issue that lies within someone’s personality, but it is a very necessary process to talk through painful or difficult feelings, emotions or decisions to help you feel better in the future.

Counsellors, psychiatrists, physicians and therapists are mental health professionals who have been trained in a specific therapy or field and utilise these techniques and levels of understanding to support people through their development.

This course will help you to understand that life’s difficulties are perceived and tackled by the individual in relation to a host of social factors including family makeup, background, ethnicity, cultural, educational and economic circumstances. You will then know how to work with clients within this context as efficiently as possible.


  • Basic & Advanced Counselling Skills
  • Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour Disorders
  • Grief & Bereavement Counselling
  • Depression Management
  • Self-Destructive Relationships
  • Development Psychology
  • Alcohol & Drug Counselling


  • Learn basic and advanced counselling skills.
  • Use the knowledge from this course as a taster of what it would be like to become a counsellor.
  • Utilise the course to kick-start your path to becoming a counsellor.
  • Post module assessments to help you track your development and back up the knowledge
  • Basic & advanced counselling skills
  • Grief & bereavement counselling
  • Depression management
  • Self-destructive relationships
  • Development psychology
  • Alcohol & drug counselling
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