IOS 9 App Development (Xcode New)

IOS 9 App Development (Xcode New)
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As one of the big guns in the technology industry, Apple continues to offer exciting, state-of-the-art and advanced products to suit people from every background. Thanks to the Apple-specific operating systems, it’s crucial that app developers master the software in order to fully understand the technology and provide show-stopping apps every time. This is where this course comes in!

Move with the Times

Having the know-how to develop apps that can be used on iOS 9 is crucial if you wish to move with the times and keep Apple technology within your grasp – especially with newer versions being launched as regularly as they are. These modules, covering basic and more advanced elements, will help every developer to create native iPhone and iPad apps which can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store once complete.

Use Xcode 7 and Swift 2 with Confidence

As part of the course, students will be able to use both Xcode 7 – an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that can help you to create fast and easy to use apps for Apple devices – and Swift 2 – a new programming language that was designed specifically for iOS and OS X. With the help of these two pieces of kit, you will be able to make functional, fun and interactive apps that will help to demonstrate your growing Apple abilities.

Key learning points

This in-depth course, which includes 60 lectures, would be perfect for any app or software developer who wishes to develop apps for iOS 9. While the course will get you up to speed, a background in the app and software development process is recommended.

  • Gain a general introduction to the course, including how to register as an iOS developer. Learn how to set up your first iOS project and gain an overview of the controls that can be added.
  • Learn how to build the User Interface (UI), including the various UI controls, such as UISlider Control, UIButton Control and UIPicker Control.
  • Get to grips with some of the storyboard basics, including the UILabel Storyboard function.
  • Understand some of the views available, including UITableView, UIWebView and UICollectionView
  • Take a look at some of the iOS features, including geocoding, using MKMapItem and MapKit.
  • Learn how to get the current location, and how to set reminders and alarms.
  • Understand how to post using UIactivityviewcontroller, and how to post to Facebook and Twitter using SLComposeViewController.
  • Implement effective file management systems.
  • Feel confident working with data, including the use of file formats including Json, databases such as Sqlite and services including iCloud.
  • Learn how to publish your app and navigate the iOS dev center, and understand the concepts of provisioning and itunesconnect.

Advantages of this course

  • Online delivery means you can pick up and put down the courseware to suit you. There are no time constraints, no deadlines and no stress!
  • 12 month access to the course ensures you will have as much time as you need to work through the syllabus.
  • Certificate of completion available at the end of the course.
  • Videos can be paused, rewound and repeated as often as you need – there’s nothing stopping you from passing the course first time.
  • Learn from the best thanks to the expertise of Keith Weich, who presents the videos.
  • Video representation of the software you’ll be using helps students to learn visually.
  • Expand your skill set and further your knowledge of iOS 9 app development.
  • Improve your job prospects with up to date qualifications that count.

Dive into a fruitful future, with iOS 9 App Development – sign up today!

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Building the User Interface
  • IOS Features
  • Working With Data
  • Publishing Your App
  • Conclusion
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