Python Game Development – Create a Flappy Bird Clone

Python Game Development – Create a Flappy Bird Clone
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You’ve played the simple but curiously addictive game of Flappy Bird, so why not go one step further by creating your very own version of it? Following clear step-by-step instructions on how to build an established and familiar favourite from the gaming world is an ideal way of dipping your toes in the water of game development. What’s more you’ll be using the versatile and accessible Python programming language that is compatible with almost every platform and operating system out there.

Spread Your Wings and Fly

Many people with ambitions to create their own games are put off when the excitement and creativity of game development is stifled by the often complicated and unimaginatively presented theory that has to be learned before the fun can begin. This new course takes only four hours to complete and enables you to actually create your game clone as you learn, ensuring your new skills are put into practise as soon as you acquire them.

Build on Your Expertise

Although some coding novices will be able to follow this course, it’s designed primarily for people with some working knowledge of Python programming or general programming who want to turn their talents to game development. Not only will you create your own version of Flappy Bird, the course provides an ideal springboard towards developing your own unique gaming concepts in the future.


With Python Development – Create a Flappy Bird Clone, it’s game on for those who want to pursue their ambitions of game development, with the course’s three clear sections that will get you developing your very own cute clone in no time!

  • Start gaining practical experience in Python game development as soon as you begin creating your Flappy Bird clone using Python programming concepts and initial coding.
  • Create the time clock and game over before progressing to the initial graphics set up including the background and adding graphics to the screen. From there, you’ll move on to working with coordinates.
  • Get to grips with creating input controls, boundaries, crash events and menu creation before moving on to creating obstacles using polygons.
  • Add the finishing touches to your game with elements like game logic, score display, colours and the all-important difficulty levels.
  • Use your new found game development skills to move on to creating more complex games across different platforms and operating systems.


  • Access the four hours of course content at a time that suits you, across all your devices, including your mobile phone.
  • Print off the course completion certificate to celebrate your new-found game development skills.
  • Once you’ve paid for the course, it’s yours for 12 months, meaning you can return to it whenever you feel like it.
  • Enjoy playing the Flappy Bird clone you have created and sharing it with friends.
  • Use your new skills as your gateway to an exciting future in game development, either professionally or just for fun.
  • Experience how game development success is easier to achieve,hands-on style and 21 easy-to-access lectures that make up the course’s content.

Don’t get in a flap about programming. With Python Game Development – Create a Flappy Bird Clone, you’ll soon be soaring high in the exciting world of game development.

Introduction to the Course and the Game
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to PyGame and Initial Coding
  • Time Clock and Game Over
Graphics Setup
  • Initial Graphics Setup
  • Background and Adding Graphics to the Screen
  • Working with Coordinates
Creating Input Controls
  • Creating Input Controls
Boundaries, Crash Events and Menu Creation
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
Creating Obstacles Using Polygons
  • Introduction
  • Completing Our Obstacles
Game Logic: Using Block Logic
  • Game Logic: Using Block Logic
Game Logic: Success Or Failure
  • Hitting Obstacles Part 1
  • Hitting Obstacles Part 2
Creating the Score Display
  • Creating the Score Display
Adding Colors and Difficulty Levels
  • Adding Colors
  • Adding Colors Part 2
  • Adding Difficulty Levels
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