Level 1 Food Safety & Hygiene Awareness in Catering

Level 1 Food Safety & Hygiene Awareness in Catering
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Demonstrate basic competence in maintain food hygiene standards by completing the Level 1 Food Safety Awareness in Catering Online Course. Developed by food safety expert Dr Lisa Ackerley, this course provides all the basic knowledge learners need to work safely when handling food.

This course is an ideal training choice for:

  • Anyone working in a food-handling environment.
  • Any employee involved in preparing food.
  • Any individual wanting to learn the basic hygiene skills required to secure a job in the catering industry.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their food handling skills for use in the home.

The Level 1 Food Safety Awareness in Catering Online Course uses a range of mediums to help students learn these vital food-handling skills. Content is delivered online using the learning platform, including a series of talks delivered by The Hygiene Doctor herself, Dr Lisa Ackerley. Using a self-study approach students have anytime, anyplace access to materials, so that they can work at their own pace, whenever and wherever is most convenient.

Students can also use the built-in social networking platform to share tips and advice with other learners, or to ask for help from their peers should they struggle with completing any of the practical exercises. The platform also allows managers to sign off on the progress of learners, confirming that employees are meeting the standards expected.

Key Learning Points

As you would expect from a level one course, students will cover everything they need to get started with safer food handling.

Students will be shown how to:

  • Identify and mitigate common food safety hazards.
  • Understand the principles of food poisoning and the measures need to prevent outbreaks.
  • Using contamination controls to prevent food from exposed to harmful contaminants.
  • Temperature controls and how they are used to store food safely.
  • Handling food during and after delivery.
  • Ensuring food handling areas are kept clean, safe and free from waste and pests.

Once the course has been completed, learners will sit a 20-question test to assess their comprehension and confirm they have reached the standard required to attain the Level 1 certificate.

Advantages of this course

Over the course of eight modules, students will master the basic principles required to prepare, store and handle food safely, minimising the risk of contamination or health dangers. These practical skills can be applied immediately, helping learners:

  • Work more safely in a food preparation environment.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge with the award of a Level 1 food hygiene certificate.
  • Acquire transferrable skills that will help them secure a new role working in the catering and hospitality industry.

The Level 1 Food Safety Awareness in Catering Online Course is an essential step towards food hygiene mastery, helping graduates protect their customers from illness and infection. Upon completion, students will also have acquired the skills and knowledge required to extend their knowledge and work towards the Level 2 Food Safety in Catering certificate.


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  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Food Safety Hazards
  • Food Poisoning
  • Contamination Controls
  • Temperature Controls
  • Delivery and Storage
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning, Waste and Pests
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