Fundamentals of Modeling

Fundamentals of Modeling
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Ever wondered what it takes to succeed as a model? Wonder no more, as a successful model and expert modelling coach provides insight into the competitive industry of modelling. Whether you have some experience as a model, or would like to find out more about the opportunities available, this course can deliver tips, tricks and, most importantly, insight. Whatever your background, the knowledge you’ll gain on this course will give you a window into the world of modelling.

What Will I Learn On This Course?

This is a video only course that you can work through at your own pace, but be prepared for a course packed full of content. Divided into ten sections, these video discussions will cover some of the personality traits that help you as a model, what a model is and does, the different types of modelling, and business aspects of the profession such as finding an agent and working with a photographer.

What Will I Learn On This Course?

Insight and personal experience is valuable in any profession, so this course will benefit anyone who has some experience in the industry, but wants to learn more or refresh their knowledge. It’s also ideal for someone new to the industry that wants to learn more about the realities of the job, what type of modelling they are interested in, and ultimately if it’s something they’d like to pursue.


To learn more about being a model, the different types of work available, and how you get started and succeed in the job. Features of this course include:

  • Introduction to modelling and the different areas of the industry.
  • A modelling timeline through history, and defining a model.
  • How to perfect your runway walk and a range of modelling poses.
  • Introducing print modelling – for magazines, newspapers and billboards.
  • What do editors look for in print models?
  • Become familiar with lifestyle and catalogue modelling.
  • Introducing the swimsuit, lingerie and fitness sector.
  • Learn more about beauty and jewellery modelling.
  • Hand and foot modelling introduction.
  • The different aspects of plus size and curve modelling.
  • Runway modelling and catwalk shows.
  • Look at the world of informal fashion shows and what they involve.
  • Insight into commercial modelling and the acting aspect of the job.
  • Listen to a two part series on modelling agents, and what they can do for you in your career.
  • Social media and modelling.
  • Working with photographers, what to expect, and how to build up your portfolio.
  • Modelling and make-up artists, the fundamentals.
  • How to conduct yourself at a job.
  • Finally enjoy a question and answer session, and more insider tips on the modelling industry.


  • You’ll be joining a community of learners from all walks of life that you can interact with and support.
  • You can learn anywhere, at any time. You just need internet access and a compatible device.
  • Track your progress, and revisit course content at any time while you learn.
  • Easy to manage modules you can fit around your daily life.
  • A good range of discussion and practical examples to give you a good grounding in the fundamentals of modelling.
  • Module 1: Modeling 101
  • Module 2: Modeling 101
  • Module 3: Modeling 101
  • Module 4: Modeling 101
  • Module 5: Modeling 101
  • Module 6: Modeling 101
  • Module 7: Modeling 101
  • Module 8: Modeling 101
  • Module 9: Modeling 101
  • Module 10: Modeling 101
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