Special Effects (fx) Makeup Level 2

Special Effects (fx) Makeup Level 2
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Special effects make-up is seen in many films, TV programmes and even at themed conventions, as well as on special occasions such as Halloween. It can be defined as the use of prosthetic sculpting, moulding, casting and painting to create advanced cosmetic effects. In this fantastic follow-up course to level one.

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone having completed the level one course in Special Effects (fx) Makeup will benefit greatly by taking this fantastic additional course. Likewise, if you already work within the field and have experience, level 2 will give you the opportunity to broaden your skillset and learn new and interesting techniques. The flexibility of the course means it’s ideal for fitting around your commitments - course material can be accessed at your leisure from any internet enabled device.

What Will I Learn?

Within the four sections of this course, we will take you step by step through advanced special effects make-up, showing you how to apply prosthetics, paints and cosmetics. We will cover a wide range of techniques in the videos to illustrate how to create animal make-up, realistic casualty special effects, and both masculine and feminine skull make-up – as well as the application of a bald cap alongside an editorial look. In each section she gives her expert opinion and explanation of what tools and products are best to use to create the most realistic special effects.


  • Learn how to apply and how to remove a bald cap.
  • Discover the techniques used in creating fantasy editorial make-up.
  • See how to remove the bald cap and make-up applied.
  • Look at the steps involved to create feminine skull make-up.
  • Learn how to create masculine skull make-up.
  • See how to deal with tattoo cover-ups using make-up and airbrushing.
  • Look at creating animal make-up, starting with the eyes then working on the lips, neck and shoulders.
  • Work through an introduction to casualty make-up.
  • Look at the application of prosthetics used when creating casualty make-up.
  • Learn about the different layers of painting used when generating casualty makeup.
  • Discover the correct methods of removal.


  • Level two follows on perfectly from the level one course for those wishing to develop their skills further.
  • Learn new skills and techniques that could lead to an exciting new career in special effects make-up – or help your career progression.
  • Freedom to study at a time and in a place that best suits you as course material can be accessed from any internet enabled device.
  • Should you require assistance, technical support is available.
  • You will have access to the course and all videos for a full year after signing up.
  • Bald Cap FX
  • Skull FX
  • Special FX 5
  • Special FX 6
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