Mastering Macaroons

Mastering Macaroons
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Macaroons are a French delicacy which have exploded in popularity all over the world. They are bite-sized round cakes that are crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, and are sandwiched together with a delicious filling. Properly made, they are melt-in-the-mouth delicacies, but they do have a reputation for being tricky to master. Shveta Sharma, head chef and founder of Akito Blush Macaroons, will provide expert tuition via our unique online learning platform, guiding you through every step of the process and teaching you how to make a perfect batch of these elegant and colourful pastries every time.

Key Learning Points

The course will focus on a systematic process to create perfect macaroons right from scratch.

  1. Equipment required - An introduction and understanding of the equipment you will require to make macaroons and also provide you with an in depth technique of how to make and use a piping bag.
  2. Ingredient preparation - This section will look at making your own flawless ground almonds and teach you how to make the most perfect macaroon mixture. These are key aspects that result in delicious macaroons.
  3. Types of filling - Macaroons can be crafted in a variety of flavours this module will teach you how to make delicious fillings for your macaroons, including lemon curd, butter cream, chocolate ganache and pistachio flavour.
  4. Variations in shapes - To bake a macaroon with the characteristic “feet” and smooth shells, a uniform piping ensures even baking, yielding perfect results. This module will give you an introduction to piping techniques and a guide to piping flawless heart shaped macaroons
  5. Assembling - You will learn how to pair similar-sized cookies, pipe the proper amount of filling, and chill time for macaroons that are both delicious and beautiful.
  6. Displaying macaroons - Learn the art of assembling an impeccable macaroon tower and make special occasions more memorable.


The modules are arranged so that even absolute beginners can learn with confidence, thoroughly covering each concept before moving on to the next. You will receive over one hour of professional video based learning, plus downloadable quick recipe sheets and eBooks.

  • The skills necessary to make delicious macaroons to a very high standard
  • Learn the right technique from a professional chef
  • Impress family, friends and potential employers with your baking
  • New and useful skills such as making and using piping bags
  • Much more confidence with difficult baking techniques
  • Learn at your own pace – no need to rush, you can learn the art of baking the perfect macaroon at your own speed

Buy this course today and master the delicate art of making exquisite and delicious macaroons.


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