Dog Grooming Course

Dog Grooming Course
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Brush up on your dog grooming skills with this fantastic online course that will make you a top dog in this rewarding field in no time at all. Perfect for anyone wishing to pamper their pooches, this diploma offers a solid foundation for any student hoping to bag a position within a dog grooming business or em-bark on self-employment in their local area.

Flexible Online Study

With our convenient, easy-to-navigate course, you can master all elements of the dog grooming syllabus, without leaving the comfort of your own home. Our flexible courseware allows all students to pick up the course material whenever it suits them. Plus, with manageable modules, there is no need to feel overwhelmed with information all at once – learn at your own pace, and complete the course in your own time.

Fifteen Interesting Modules

Sign up to this course and you won’t just learn how to pamper and groom your canine clients; you will also cover subject matter including laws and regulations, anatomy and health, workplace maintenance and animal behaviour. By the time you have completed the course, you will have a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to be a successful groomer, and will be able to ensure every dog (and owner) is as satisfied as possible.

Key Learning Points

This course would be perfect for animal lovers who wish to work with them, either as a freelance professional or as part of a dog grooming business employee. As a fully comprehensive course, no previous experience is necessary.

  • Take a look at an essential overview, covering topics including why pet grooming is necessary, and why it is important to be assertive and calm when dealing with dogs.
  • Cover the history behind dog grooming, including its emergence from a practical, and also a fashionable, standpoint.
  • Touch upon canine anatomy, as well as the parasites and infections that dogs can suffer from.
  • Recognise the importance of a pre-grooming health check, and why a checklist is required. Subjects include what to look for in tooth and ear inspections, and when vet referrals should be made.
  • Take a look at some of the tools that are required for grooming, and learn about some of the skin and coat disorders that can affect a dog, and how they can be treated.
  • Gain insight into animal training with regards to grooming, and how you should deal with difficult dogs, particularly issues around bath time.
  • Learn how to set up your work area, including lighting, air flow and safety aspects.
  • Get to grips with how to bath a dog, and how to dry them afterwards.
  • Appreciate the key aspects of detailed grooming, including clipping, scissoring, eyes, ears, teeth, feet and bottoms.
  • Learn how to clean the workplace and how to maintain its hygiene levels.
  • Identify some of the grooming specialities that you may encounter, including how to untangle the worst knots, grooming care dogs and caring for rescue dogs.
  • Understand some of the laws and regulations that exist in the workplace, from health and safety and basic precautions to first aid practises.
  • Briefly cover how to start up your own pet grooming business, and what should be included in a business plan.

Advantages of the Course

  • Online study means you can study anywhere, at any time, as long as you have access to the courseware.
  • Compatible with multiple devices and platforms, so you can learn on the go or at home.
  • Download and print your certificate of completion, upon successfully passing the multiple choice assessment.
  • Online support available throughout your study.
  • Jump into the pet grooming industry with this industry recognised course.
  • Take the first step towards opening your own pet grooming business, by gaining the confidence and know-how you need to succeed.

Sign up to this exciting dog grooming course today – you’d be barking mad to miss it!

This course is CPD certified. 

  • Introduction to pet grooming and why it is necessary
  • Why we need to be calm and assertive when dealing with dogs
  • Who can become a pet groomer
  • What equipment is required for pet grooming
History of Dog Grooming
  • Man's historic relationship with dogs
  • The emergence of dog grooming
  • When dog grooming was first undertaken
  • The emergence of grooming from the purely practical to a fashion trend
Anatomy and Health, Parasites, Infections & Zoonotic diseases in dogs
  • The anatomy of dogs
  • Basic health and how to maintain it
  • Parasites - external and internal
  • Infections
Pre-grooming Health Assessment
  • The importance of a pre-grooming health check
  • Why it is vital that your client knows the results of the check
  • How to handle a dog during the check
  • Why a checklist is important
Coat and Skin Disorders and How to Groom a Dog
  • How to identify skin disorders and what to do about them
  • How to identify coat disorders and how to treat them
  • What affects a dog's coat
  • The tools you need for grooming
Getting Started
  • Whether or not pet grooming is for you
  • The avenues open to people wanting to start in pet grooming
  • Starting your own pet grooming business
  • A business plan
Animal Training, Dealing with Difficult Dogs & Training for Grooming
  • Training animals to enjoy bath time - the basics
  • Step-by-step approach to bath time
  • Preparing for bathing a fearful dog
  • The bathing sequence
Prepping the Work Area
  • Setting up the ideal work area
  • Lighting, air flow, and safety considerations
  • Workstation requirements
  • The tools required
Pre-bath Preparation
  • Why thorough pre-grooming checks are important
  • If and when you should abandon a grooming session and refer the dog to a vet
  • What to look for in tooth and ear inspections
  • How to deal with the coats of different types of dogs
How to Bath a Dog
  • Precautions
  • Clothing
  • Getting the dog into the bath
  • Washing the dog
Drying a Dog
  • Why the shake is so important
  • Air drying
  • Towel drying technique
  • Detailed drying of paws and other concealed areas
Detail Grooming(Clipping, Scissoring, Eyes, Ears, Teeth, Feet, Bottoms)
  • The ears and how to clean them
  • Cleaning around the eyes
  • Teeth and gum health and cleaning, and when to hand over to a vet
  • Trimming claws, shaping paws
Cleaning Your Working Environment
  • Why appearances matter
  • Designing with an eye to cleaning and hygiene, and flea traps
  • Where to start cleaning
  • How to clean
Grooming Specialities
  • Grooming emergencies
  • Rescue dogs
  • Grooming care dogs
  • Untangling the worst knots
Law in the Workplace, First Aid and Emergency Care
  • The law and the workplace
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Basic minimum safety precautions
  • First aid training
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