Microsoft Excel - Intermediate

Microsoft Excel - Intermediate
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This fantastic value online course is designed for busy professionals who wish to build on the Microsoft Excel skills they already possess in order to improve their data visualisation and data analysis skills. The course is designed to build on the knowledge gained from the Microsoft Excel for Beginners course which precedes it.

Who is the Course For?

While Excel is undoubtedly a useful software program for the home, the content of this course is designed for those who want to use their Excel skills to improve their efficiency at work and advance their careers. It is particularly recommended for people working in the investment, banking or consulting industries. The course is also very useful for individuals who work in administration or anyone who needs to track and analyse data as part of their job. With many employers now demanding intermediate Excel skills from job candidates, investing the time in gaining this skill is a smart move for those who wish to climb the career ladder.

How Does It Work?

The 34 modules of this course cover a huge amount of ground but do so in short, easy-to-access modules that make this an easy and achievable way of improving Excel skills around other commitments. There is a focus on learning about how you can manipulate the many functions of Excel in order to meet your needs as an Excel user. Not only that, you will spend time getting a more in-depth knowledge of data validation skills such as date, time and list.

Key Learning Points

Work through the 10 hours + of course content to take your Excel know-how to a whole new level.

  • Discover more about intermediate functions such as ABS, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS and AVERAGEA.
  • Get confident with data validation with date, list, time and numbers.
  • Move on to functions like RANK, MIN, MAX, CHAR, MODE, MEDIAN, CODE, CLEAN and EXACT.
  • Learn how to remove duplicates in Excel.
  • Find out about creating random numbers.
  • Explore how to change text case and use templates and insert charts.
  • Gain an insight into how to add custom backgrounds.
  • Discover how to use tables and how to auto fill data.
  • Get to grips with adding special characters.
  • Finally, learn how to change border colour and theme.

Advantages of the Course

  • The easy to engage with video modules make it easy to study in your own time on all your internet-enabled devices.
  • Technical support is available, should you encounter problems.
  • The course content is yours for 12 months on signing up, meaning you can recap learning whenever you like.
  • Gaining sought-after intermediate skills with Microsoft Excel is a career-boosting skill that will get you noticed by employers or help you gain greater control of your own business.

Excel in Excel by signing up to the Microsoft Excel Intermediate Certificate today.

This course is CPD certified.

  • SumProduct Formula
  • Data Validation With Date
  • Data Validation with Whole Numbers
  • Data Validation with List Feature
  • ABS Function
  • CHAR Function
  • CLEAN Function
  • CODE Function
  • EXACT Function
  • AVERAGEA Function
  • AVERAGEIFS Function
  • CELL Function With 10 Variations
  • LARGE Function
  • MAX Function
  • MEDIAN Function
  • MIN Function
  • MODE Function
  • N Function
  • RANDBETWEEN Function (Insert Random Numbers)
  • RANK Function
  • Remove Duplicate Values
  • ROUND Function Up/Down
  • Add Custom Background Image
  • Change Text To Lower Case
  • Change Text To Upper Case
  • Change Text To Proper Case
  • Insert Special Character
  • Use Autofill : A Time Saving Trick
  • Treemap Chart
  • Sunburst Chart
  • Use Tables
  • Use Templates
  • Use Themes
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