Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development
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Embrace change and appreciate the need for personal and professional development in the workplace. Regardless of your job role, on-the-job training should always be available to those who want it, particularly within the EYFS work environment, where continual professional development (CPD) is key to effective provision of its childcare service.

Gain Basic Knowledge of CPD

There’s always going to be room for professional improvement, whatever stage you are at in your career. Students can learn some of the fundamental aspects of continual professional development, and what can be done to ensure your practice is as effective as possible.

Self-Evaluation is Key

The ability to evaluate your own development, both personally and professionally, is an excellent skill to have. Knowing what you need to work on in order to better your practice can help you to consider what additional training you might benefit from. Whether this is free training or not will depend on what core aspects you need to address, but self-evaluation will always help you to reach your true potential, and is a major part of CPD.

Become a Better Practitioner

To be better at what you do, you will want to learn, improve and develop. By creating a CPD file and a Personal Development Plan, you will be able to benefit yourself, and your setting, colleagues and service users. So, what are you waiting for?

Key Learning Points

For full appreciation of this course, students should be working as a member of a childcare setting team. Working in a managerial or leadership role is not essential, but students in these roles may also benefit from studying this unit.

  • Take a look at some of the preferred learning styles and learning opportunities, and understand how to plan and evaluate a learning programme.
  • Learn how to set up a CPD file, and be able to help others setting up their own.
  • Get to grips with some of the core skills required to lead others during their own professional development.
  • Appreciate the need for continual improvement and development, in order for a practice to be most effective. Understand the need for training and skill development, and understand that practitioners who value personal development will have more opportunities to enhance their professional growth.

Advantages of this course

  • Course material is available online and delivered via easy-to-use courseware. There’s no need to worry about travelling to teaching centres; all the resources you need to pass are accessible 24/7, 7 days a week.
  • Plenty of technical support is on hand, should you need help with the courseware at any stage in the course.
  • Study easily alongside work, additional study or other commitments.
  • Presentations, video tutorials, quizzes and activity sheets will help students to absorb the knowledge, irrespective of their learning style.
  • Ample extra reading is also available via the courseware, to help expand on the knowledge you have learned during the unit.
  • Complete a multiple choice assessment to signal completion of the lesson.
  • Gain some essential information and improve your professional development; complete the course as a solo venture or combine with others in the series, such as self-evaluation and first time leadership.
  • Take the initiative to help improve your own professional prospects and the service provided by your setting.

Make some positive changes, both personally and professionally, by signing up to this exciting course today – remember, every day is a school day if you want to go as far as possible in your chosen childcare career.

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